ADGM Arbitration Centre

Located between east and west, connecting all corners of the globe, the ADGM Arbitration Centre is a unique digitised space for arbitration hearings and mediations, serving the international dispute resolution community in every way possible, in line with international best practices.

The Centre offers state-of-the-art amenities and services, utilising sophisticated technology for virtual, hybrid and physical hearings and meetings.

ADGM – a global leader in mediation

ADGM is a driving force in mediation, with a Court-Annexed Mediation service and a Panel of Mediators with diversity and experience at its core.

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ADGM – a preferred global seat of arbitration

ADGM is a progressive and safe seat of arbitration, based in the innovative and award winning international financial centre of Abu Dhabi.

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Smart Arbitration

The ADGM Arbitration Centre provides a fully digitised service to parties geared towards enhancing efficiency and ease of working.

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ADGM Arbitration Clauses

The ADGM Arbitration Centre's guidance on model arbitration clauses.

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ADGM Arbitration Regulations

The Arbitration Regulations 2015, are a progressive framework for the efficient conduct of arbitral proceedings and the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards,

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Virtual, Hybrid and Physical services

The Arbitration Centre has been designed with flexibility and parties’ needs at the fore. The Centre is the perfect venue for virtual, hybrid or physical hearings.

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