About Us

ADGM Arbitration Centre (ADGMAC) is a hearing facility that is equipped with state-of-the art technology.  ADGMAC is open to all who wish to book the hearing rooms and other facilities for arbitration cases or mediations.  ADGMAC is not an institution itself, which means that the facilities can be used by parties regardless of which institution they choose to administer their arbitration.  In addition, the parties can, and are encouraged to, make use of ADGMAC’s facilities and services even where the legal place of the arbitration is outside of ADGM.

ADGMAC has been designed with flexibility in mind, meaning that parties are able to ‘design’ the layout of their hearing room which best suits their needs.It can cater for hearings of all sizes up to a maximum capacity of 60 participants in the largest hearing room.The Centre includes dedicated breakout rooms along with associated amenities and services geared towards realising the Centre’s goal of being the global leader in providing hearing facilities for arbitration cases and mediations.

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